United States Navy
Naval Training Station (N.T.S.)
Newport, Rhode Island
Naval Boot Camp # 174

The following names are my father's boot camp buddies who signed his graduation group photo

 Jimmy Brennan  Lot's of Luck
 Samuel L. Fuller  Lot's of Luck to you
 Paul Russian  Knock it off
 Ed Madsen  
 Wayne Hillis  
 Floyd Smith  To "Pop" Lodico, Good Luck Selover
 Roland Mignove  To Goldbricker Lodico I wish the best of Luck
 (I wish I knew how to be one)
 Joseph G. Orfeo -Lowell, Mass.  To a hell of a good fellow Good Luck
 Al Prioli  Well Good Luck and God Bless you
 Harry W. Sounson  Keep Em Sailing Gumba
 William Widgen  Clear skies and peaceful waters always
 Paul E. Mooney  Best of Luck Al
 Bill Hines  Best of Luck to a swell fellow
 Charles Dube Good Luck Pal
 Steve "The Greek: Kara  
 Martin Dabenski  To a nice guy
 Driscoll  Good Luck
 Jack "Fritz" Fitzgerald  Good Luck to a shipmate
 Mannie Lopes  See you in Tokoyo, mate
 Nick "Smitty" Graliko  Slap the Japs
 John Dychhowski  
 Julius Dubay  Best of Luck always to a swell guy
 Anthony Cosuno  
 Joseph Christian -South River, NJ   
 Koga A. Bachane M.B.  
 Ray Gininani  To a great fella - Lots of the Best
 Tony Santoro -214 Bergen St., Newark, NJ   Best of Everything to a real "Gumba"
 Matthew Schuer -371 Springfield Ave. Newark, NJ   To my best buddy in boot training Good Luck
 Edward Szostak  
 Jimmy Santone  
 Bob Vallance  
 Arthur Perry  So long Al
 Joseph A. "The Jak" Pulio  
 Frank F. Patrick -14 Woodlawn Ave., So. River, NJ   Best of Luck to you Lodico
 Donald R. Richmond 140 John St., So. Amboy, NJ  Good Luck
 Russell A. Murry  "the very best of luck"
 George Tampa  Best Wishes
 Anton Scheucusia  
 Angelo L. Mancuso  
 Thedore Michendorf  
 Freddie "The Dope" Maynard  Lot's of Luck
 William Fred Weller Jr.  
 William L. Freeman  
 Joseph Novak  
 Charles Phippan  14 weeks of boot 
 Robert Spahl  the best sailing
 Anthony J. Sarkner Jr. -76 Lowell St., Cartenet, NJ  "Pops of Co. 174"
 Francis Crimona  Smooth Sailing
 Sam Claus  Happy Sailing
 Steve Lesko  Good Hunting
 Harold Jensen  Good Luck Pal
 Robert "Killer" Miller Jr.  Co. 168
 John Zannotti  Best of Luck Al
 Willian J. "Scotty" Lechy  With Best Wishes
 Carlton Higgins -Boston, Mass.  Best of Luck Lodico


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