Santa Caterina LoDico


Located just 2 km. north from Petralia Soprana, Sicily on SS120 is the small frazione of Santa Caterina LoDico.
Santa Caterina d' Alessandro [Saint Catherine of Alexander] is the patron saint of the region.


 It is believed that after the Garibaldi liberation and reform of Sicily in 1865,
the church estates of Santa Caterina were purchased by Giuseppe Calogero LoDico [b.1810 d. 2/19/1890].
His youngest son: Giuseppe LoDico was born 12/13/1868 in Santa Caterina LoDico.


Santa Caterina LoDico -2013

Across the Salso to Santa Caterina Miranti -2013


On August 27, 1964 Pietro LoDico and his wife Calogera Cerami constructed the church known as
Chiesa Maria SS. Addolorata in Santa Caterina LoDico.
Once a year, in late August, a Mass is given in the church to commemorate its construction.







Today, my 6th and 7th LoDico cousins reside in Santa Caterina LoDico. They cultivate the land,
raise cattle, harvest fruit and nut orchards, as well as vegetable gardens.





From Petralia Soprana, Highway SS120 winds its way north and east past Santa Caterina LoDico,
on its way to Gangi. The road encompasses a 12 km loop around this land and these photographs
show these different views of the homes within the 'frazione' of S. Caterina LoDico

From 2013 - Santa Caterina LoDico




Located on SS120 at the intersection of SS286,
half way to Gangi, is a modern cheese factory in Santa Caterina LoDico.
Parrivecchio makes some of the best ricotta cheese in the Madonie region.

This cheese is known as: caciocavallo
The literal translation is: cheese horse

Gardens in Santa Caterina LoDico -2013

A view of Santa Caterina LoDico with Petralia Soprana in the background.



In 2009 the church underwent a restoration
and on September 15, 2011 a Festival & Mass was held here

September 15, 2011
Mass held in Chiesa Maria SS. Addolorata, Santa Caterina LoDico





My cousin Giuseppe LoDico and his wife Maria Grazia LoDico

Petralia Soprana Town Band
in Santa Caterina LoDico


My cousin Rosario's home in Santa Caterina LoDico -2013

Working on the hay baler 2013

Spring gardens -2013