The United States of America
Navy Department
Bureau of Naval Personnel

Naval Training Course
January 25th, 1945

The following roster was compiled by my father in his Navy Scrapbook during his WW2 service in Trinidad


 Compare Harry J. Rossi  3214 No. 33rd St. Philadelphia, Pa.  "What we need is a good Mopsie Union" Compare
 Edward J. Kluth  1070 Howard St. Schd'y, NY  Best of luck with the Queen
 G.A. Lindenfelser  786 So. 16th St. Neward, NJ  Oh those Mopsies!
 Walter C. Herron  190 1/2 Main St. Greenville, Pa.  Always your friend
 Ernie G. Wittenburg  2959 NW 60th St. Miani Florida  May lady luck smile on you and give you a "piece-"
 Lemont "Mont" Pullen  Kenduskeog Maine  The best of luck in the Navy "Bed"
 Alan C. Yates  St. L Box 100 Orlando Florida  Keep em dry kid
 Thaddeus "Ted" Dudek  7709 Dercum Rd. Cleveland, Ohio  Watch those state-side "Mopsies"
 Harlen C. Jager  109 S. Wash. St. Oregon City, Oregon  GET SOME TIME IN "BED'
 Max Bricker  425 Grand St. NYC  
 C. E. "Oakie" Schuler  R8 Box 245 Oklahoma City, OK  Get that Andy at cribbage. Make his cords tighten.
 J. V. Katkoe -EM 1/o  1092 Ave. E Bayonne, NJ  Best of Luck
 Frinocchiaro C.A. SKT 3/6  86-26 59th Ave. Elmhurst Long Island  Lots of Luck
 John Walter Rocks   1422 N. Patterson Park Ave. Baltimore, MD  "Bring Home Material"
 L. J. La France  149 Mechanic St. Westbrook, Maine  Que Pasa
 B. R. Auberson Jr.  3010 Carnes Ave. Memphis, Tenn.  From one of the "Three" no good B _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of RMD. 
You being #3 
 O. R. Frances   125 W. Newell St. Syracuse, NY  "Hockey"
 James O. Eplez  610 8th St. Lewiston, Idaho  
 Roy H. Mayville  54 No. Champlain St. Burlington, VT.  "Waupsee"
 B. C. Collier Jr.  1504 West 27th Ave. Pine Bluff, ARK.  Be sure and look me up when you are down Arkansas way
 E. Harries  539 West 163rd St.  "A free meal" he says
 R. R. Riley  Box 111 Oberlin, Kansas  Easy does it Escibes
 Vincent Lewis Orlofsky  233 East Lloyd St. Shenandoah, PA.  "Hey Queenie"
 Richard B. Dehnert Jr.  421 North Grant St. Hinsdale, Ill.  
 Alexander Anton  32 S. State St. Concord, NH  From #2. "Long Live Joe D."
 Joseph Anthony Petrone  216 W. Kinilworth Ave. Philadelphia, Pa.  My paisane
 Dominick Gisialone  2740 Harway Ave. Brooklyn  To a swell guy
 Richard J. Roberts  1347 Wellesly Ave. Steubenville, Ohio  To F.O. from F.A. + F.O. "Let's commune with nature" 
 See what thirty months will do? T.S. kid
 W. P. Berry  437 SW 2nd St., Miami, Fla.  Be waiting for you in the "States" -- We hope
 H. W. Brown  403 N. Allen Ave., Richmond 20, Virginia  Open that bar kid I'll be seeing you at Detroit World Series


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