June 3, 2011

One day I was thinkin’ ‘bout the Babe
And the memories he left behind of the Old Ball Game
Shame of it is, they’re almost gone
But there’re still a few pieces
I can recall

The catcher says to Ruth
You know it’s just a game
You win you lose
But it’s all the same
The Babe would turn and say
You know, you’re right
But I still love to play

And Ruth she turns to me
And wonders where I am
And where I’d be if she didn’t care
I return to Ruth to say
I’d be all right, baby
But I’d still love to play

The pitcher throws at Ruth
He can’t afford to miss
He held the ball
Like a stolen kiss
And the Babe just let it fly
And apologized like he’d hurt the guy

Mad Ruth just loves to bitch
You can’t afford the miss
You make your deal
As you steal a kiss
And she never said goodbye
She really loved the game
Hardly knew the guy

Mad Ruth, you should have known the Babe
He loved the things he’d never had
And he made you happy
As he made you sad

The Babe here in my head
Seems like he never left
I heard the news like someone deaf
It was nineteen-forty-eight
He’d played a game
But he’d made it great

Mad Ruth sits on the couch
In someone else’s room
“I win, you lose
It’s just a game”, she’ll say
You know, she’s right
But I’d still love to play

Mad Ruth, you would have loved the babe
She wanted things you never had
And she made you happy
Till she left you, sad

One evening I was thinkin’ ‘bout the babe
And the memories she left behind
Of the old ball game
Shame of it is, they’re almost gone
But there are still a few pieces I can recall

Mad Ruth, you shoulda known the Babe…

© © 1973 Road Canon Music / Cotillion Music (BM)
Mad Ruth / The Babe
(Danny O’Keefe)