Origins of my LoDico Ancestry

Blufi was a 'frazione' [fraction] of Petralia Soprana until March of 1972 when it became an independent town.
Blufi is one of the newest communities in the Madonie, but its historical beginnings are lost in the time.

From the influences of the Arabic culture through the Knights of Malta and the Sicilian noble families,
Blufi has remained an quiet jewel, nestled in the Madonie.



Blufi, Sicily 2009

Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Oils - Blufi 2013


The stone crypt in the Sacred Zone - Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Oils -2013


Blufi is comprised of five 'quartiere' or districts: Vaccarelli, Malpasso, Conigli, Vizzini, and Macelli.

The story of the LoDico ancestry begins in Malpasso. At the end of the 17th century there was one road that went from Catania to Palermo along an ancient pathway first used by the ancient Sicilians. This road was later improved by the Romans and it passed through Blufi in a region called Malpasso [ bad pass ]. This was a dangerous stretch of road known for its steep ravines and high bluffs where criminals and others would attack and rob the travelers. The priests, pilgrimagers, and merchants complained to the Sicilian nobility and asked for protection. The Marchese Pottino who owned most of the land, entered into an agreement with three Sicilian campiere families: the LaTonas, the di Geracis, and the LoDicos. In return for protecting the travelers on the road, the LoDico family was given the land known as Malpasso.


Malpasso Blufi 2005



Malpasso 2005





The quartiere of Malpasso


Another deserving place of interest is the 'ponte romano'  or 'Roman Bridge
- annotated by the Marquis di Villabianca, between the territory of Blufi and Petralia Sottana.


A place of innumerable pilgrimages, so much so,
it makes Blufi a centerpiece of the Madonie in importance, is the "Sanctuary of the " Madonna of the Oils " .



Courtyard of the Sanctuary 2013



From the stone bluff there flows an ancient and mysterious source of mineral oil.
Mentioned by Aristotle in one of his scientific works.

The oil is reported to have the powers to cure afflictions of the skin.
The Festival of the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Oils is celebrated on the 15th of August.
The faithful come on foot from all corners of the rural Madonie to listen to the Mass.


A manuscript, dating back to 1832,
tells the Bourbon government that the Sanctuary's origins date back to around the eighth century.
It's writings indicate the Sanctuary was built by the faithful,
subjects of the Reverend Arciprete of Petralia Soprana,
as reported by Father Francesco Ferrara of Petralia in 1762".



  Blufi, Sicily