1. Like the black and white television show, basically there is just good and bad, little room for gray or fence sitting.

2. First impressions don't always tell a person's true character. Not all masked men break the law, One stood for Truth and Justice.

3. Cowboys and Indians can be close friends, even work together, especially when confronted by evil and criminals.

4. A pure silver bullet shoots straighter. It stands for Truth and Fair Play.

5. On frontiers where the Law is not always present, a gun can be the only respect a bad guy understands.

6. When face to face with an outlaw, a good right cross or a quick left jab will always bring a bad guy to his knees.

7. He never killed a bad guy. He would shoot the gun out of his hand, turn him over the Law, where murderers were hanged and bank robbers went to jail, after Justice was served.

8. Good guys are smarter than bad guys. Maybe because bad guys are too busy being greedy or evil to think smart.

9. A fiery white horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty hi ho silver always brought fear into the cold heart of a bad guy.

10. A true hero never waits around for a reward or praise. He slips out quietly and is heard to exclaim as he rides off, "HI HO SILVER AWAY!"

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