The Marriage Certificate of Tomaso Guerro and Salvatrice LoDico
June 30, 1912

Curzio T Guerro and his wife Lydia
Curzio is the eldest son of Tomaso and Salvatrice

Silvio Guerro
second son of Tomaso and Salvatrice
Taken at age 7 @ 1920-21

Top Step: Althea Huddleston -wife of Silvo
Next Step: Lydia - wife to Curzio
Bottom: Francesca Paola Restivo LoDico
Curzio holding Margaret (Peggy), Silvio's daughter
Child standing: Joanne -Curzio's daughter

Curzio, my mother, and Curzio's wife Millie Anderson Guerra
circa 1949

Romeo Pianosi, Althea, and Peggy
Romeo was Salvatrice's 2nd husband
Both Salvatrice and Tomaso died before 1923

Silvio Guerra (right) 1944
(note: name changed sometime after 1921 by relatives in Milford, Mass.)

Romeo Pianosi and Queenie 1943

Romeo Pianosi and Tommy 1944
Tommy is the son of Curzio and Lydia Guerro

Church Prayer Book
Romeo Pianosi died August 16, 1946
Age: 61 years, 6 months, 7 days

Francesca Paola Restivo LoDico 1944
in front of her house at 15 Newton St., Mansfield, Mass.
Salvatrice LoDico is the eldest daughter of Francesca

I would like to thank Sylvia Costello,
granddaughter of Salvatrice LoDico,
for sharing some of her photographs of the family.
Sylvia's email is: