Aureliano Faiella
born May 25, 1877 in Prezza, Aquila, Italy

Aureliano Faiella (right) a Jesuit priest
brother of Taddeo and Nazzareno Faiella

Father Aureliano Faiella entered the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) on July 9, 1892

Aureliano's name on the List of Fathers at his tomb in Rome
He died in 1928 in Rome, Italy

Cemetery Verano in Rome

This is were Auralinao's funeral took place
Chiesa Del Gesu in Rome

(from right to left)
Margareta (Daisy) Faiella - daughter of Taddeo
my mother Constance Lundelius (grandchild of Taddeo)
my Aunt Barbara Lundelius
my uncle John Sherman Lundelius

Faiella Grave stone - Calvary Cemetery in New York

Luigia Francesca Teresa Gaviati, wife of Taddeo Faiella
and 3 of their children:
Walter Faiella (on lap), Margareta Faiella (my grandmother ) (l), Pia (Josephine) Faiella (r)

The home of Luigi Faiella in Prezza, Italy

Nunzio Clementino Faiella, born March 30, 1890 in Prezza, Italy
He emigrated to America in 1903
He married Mary L. Ardissno
Nunzio is the older brother to Americo and Rodolfo Faiella

Nazzareno Fajella with his three nieces:
Daisy (r), Edna and Connie (l)
Daughter's of Taddeo Fajella

Louise Faiella ( my great grandmother) and her 3 daughters.
Daisy Faiella ( my grandmother) Pia and Constance.
The little girl is my cousin Linda

Walter Faiella, son of Taddeo and Louise

Wedding Record of Luigi Fajella, born 2/16/1779, age 32 and marrying Giacinta Dimeo, age 20
These wedding bands are dated March 2nd, 15th and 29th of March, in 1812 in Prezza, Italy
Page 1

The wedding record indicates Luigi's parents are 'unknown' and he lived in Sulmona, Italy [just southeast of Prezza]
Giacinta's father Giuseppe was 53 and a farm hand/laborer, her mother Maria was 46 and a peasant woman.
Page 2

In the year 1849 on the 28th day of the month of June at the 12th hour, before us, Donato Salvatore Secondo Eletia{?} official of the Civil Registration of the town of Prezza,
District of Sulmona[?] Province of di Aquila appeared Francesco Pasquale age 73 profession engraver a citizen living in the town of Prezza near Sufuato[?]
and Giannicola de Sureo[?] age 54 profession engraver, living in the town of Prezza married,
both of whom declared that on the 27th day of the month of June, in this year at the 7th hour, Luigi Fajella, married, died.

A special thank you to
Taddeo's great granddaughter Barbara Klein and Taddeo's granddaughter Linda Rueth
for  the collection of Faiella photographs seen here.