LoDico cemetery headstone
Assumption Cemetery, Syracuse, NY
Unknown LoDico ancestor

A 'contadina' [peasant woman] at work in the fields near Santa Caterina LoDico
nearby is Salinella LoDico (a salt mine)

La Madonnina delle Nevi da Bompietro
The Madonna of the Snows in Bompietro

This photo was sent to me by Father (don) Calogero Falcone

Luciano Vullo and his wife Maria Vittoria
His Great Grandfather is Luciano LoDico who also is
my Great GrandUncle

A painting by Giuseppe Inserra
"Nevicata in Via Roma, Marianopoli" - 1990

[ Via Roma was the street my grandparents lived on in Marianopoli ]

The grandchildren of Salvatore Vullo and Michela LoDico
From left: Luciano, Michela, Vincenza, Diego and Salvatore
They are all my 3rd cousins

My grandfather Ignazio LoDico was an agent
for the White Star Line
He booked passage for emigrants to America in Marianopoli

Malpasso, a quartiere of Blufi, a frazione of Petralia Soprana
My oldest ancestor, Cristofaro LoDico lived in Malpasso
@ 1670

An olive mill in Blufi, Sicily

The Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Oils
Blufi, Sicily

The Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Oils
dedicated to a mysterious petroleum oil
that seeps out of a cliff side in Blufi, Sicily

The Nebrode Fir Tree of the Madonie Mountains
so rare now, less than 50 survive

Fontana del Quattro Cannoli
The Fountain of the Four Water Pipes
Petralia Soprana, Sicily

Headstone of Calogero LoDico in Petralia Soprana
Calogero was my 4th cousin, twice removed

Headstone of Giuseppe LoDico in Petralia Soprana
Giuseppe was my 5th cousin, once removed