Maria Santa LoDico
her husband was Vincenzo LoDico

Pietro LoDico
my cousin and Maria Santa's son

Franca [standing], her husband, Leonardo LoDico [back to camera]
Leonardo and Pietro are brothers

My brother John [standing],  Lucia [Pietro's wife] and Giuseppe LoDico [hat], Pietro's brother

My cousin Giuseppe LoDico and his wife Maria Grazia

Rosario, Valentina, Graziella, and Pietro

Giuseppe and Calogera's Family -Oct. 2006

Pino, brother to Lucia

Mimma LoDico, Maria Santa, and Lucia

Gianluca, Valentina and baby Domenica -2006

Franca, Mariella, Rossella and Franca's uncle -Sclafani Bagni 2006

Carmelo LoDico 2006

My cousin Liliana, Mimma's daughter

Leonardo LoDico, Pietro's brother and son of Maria Santa

Leonardo LoDico 2006

Rosella LoDico, daughter of Leonardo and Franca

Gianluca, his uncle and father Domenico [hat] 2006

Lucia's parents: Santo and Grazella; a few days before Santo's 91st birthday

Lucia and Pietro's sons: Vincenzo [L] and Sandro [R] 2006

My sister-in-law Elaine with Maria Santa in Santa Caterina LoDico

Franca's parents & family in Sclafani Bagni 2006

Gialucca LoDico, Valentina LoDico, their mother Grazella, Santina, Lilliana, Maria Grazia and Mimma LoDico

Lucia's parents, with Pietro and Lucia's son Sandro LoDico
My brother John and his wife Elaine

John, Pietro and me
Elaine, Lucia and her parents

Valentina and Beethoven 2006

Domenico LoDico and Grazella with thier children:
Rosario [left], Gialucca and Valentina
Santina, the local schoolteacher

Rosario LoDico and Santina


Domenico LoDico, son of Giuseppe

Gianni LoDico testing grapes 2006

Pietro's sister,  Rosella, Maria Santa, and cousin Claudio

A Friday night at bar LaPlaca

A toast to the LoDico family
Vittorio LoDico [lower right], Mimma's husband


Mimma and Leonardo Cancillari

My cousin Liliana and her sister Maria Grazia in back

Pietro LoDico and his best friend Antonio
at the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Oils, Blufi

Relatives in Blufi
Graziella Richiusa and family

Pietro LoDico on the farm in Santa Caterina LoDico

cousins Rosella and Sophia

a friend, and cousins Rosella, Sophia, and Georgia

cousins Mariella [Rosella's older sister] and Georgia

Leonardo LoDico and me


Rosella demonstrating the musical gene in the LoDico family

Sandro LoDico on clarinet 2006

Vittorio's brother Rosario LoDico at work in the local flour mill

Il Papa Rosario LoDico

Pietro and Leonardo LoDico
Santa Caterina LoDico

My last night in Petralia Soprana
A dinner for all 20 relatives and friends