From the left: Samuel Auria (born in Marianopoli in 1888) and married to Arcangela (Angeline) Restivo.
The smaller child is his son Sam Auria (3/16/1911-1974).
Seated to right, is his brother-in-law Carmelo Restivo (born in Marianopoli in 1890)
The older boy is most likey Carmelo's half brother Francesco Restivo (born in Jamestown NY in 1905)
Photo @ 1915

Samuel Auria, born 1888 in Marianopoli, Sicily
He emmigrated to America @ 1908
This might be his emmigration photo or was taken shortly after his arrival

These two children are possibly:
(R) -Sam Auria (b. 3/16/1911)
(L) - Michael Auria (b. 1915)
Photo @ 1917

Sam Auria (b. 3/16/1911) in Jamestown NY

Francesco Restivo, born about 1905 in Marianopoli, Sicily
Francesco was the son of Salvatore Restivo (b. 10/17/1866) in Villalba, Sicily
His mother was Guiliana Baglio, born about 1879 in Marianopoli, Sicily.
Photo @ 1917

From the left: Angela Auria (age 9), daughter of Sam Auria, Mary Gulino (age 25),
Bride Mary Louise Restivo Rizzo and Julia A. Auria


Men from left:
Thomas Raffa; John Greco, best man;  Groom Russell Rizzo;
Samuel E. Restivo, brother of Bride; Anthony Vilardo (boy)
Women from left:
Angela Auria (girl), cousin of the Bride; Mary Gulino, cousin of Bride;
Mary Liscandro, maid of honor; Bride Mary Louise Restivo; Julia Auria, cousin of Bride

Joseph Restivo (b.1922), Samuel E. Restivo (b. 1927), Mary L. Restivo (b.1917)
Seated are their parents: Carmelo Restivo & Laura Baglia Restivo
September 3, 1941
Taken during the honeymoon vacation of Gene Plante & Rena Albertini Plante
Rena is 2nd cousins to the 3 children

From the left: Gene Plante, Rena Albertini Plante, Sam Gulino (b. 1928), Arcangela (Angeline) Restivo Auria, Giuseppe (Joseph) Gulino
September 3, 1941
Taken during the honeymoon vacation of Gene Plante & Rena Albertini Plante

From left: Julia A. Auria (b. 1925) , Rose Gulino (b. 1917), Mary L. Gulino (b. 9/25/1923 ) Gene Plante, Louis Gulino (1919-1943)
September 3, 1941
During honeymoon vacation of Gene and Rena Plante

Sam Gulino & wife Gilda
Sam (b. Abt. 1929) is the son of Giuseppe Gulino and Rachela (Carrie) Restivo

Carmelo Restivo with bride (daughter) Mary Louise Restivo Rizzo
July 3, 1948 Jamestown, NY
Woman at far right: Rose Gulino Tabone, daughter of Rachela Restivo & Giuseppe Gulino
Baby is Joseph Tabone (b. 1948)

A Wedding in Jamestown NY
@ 1930
Top row, 2nd in from left: Samuel Auria, born 3/16/1911

Samuel Auria, b. 3/16/1911

Carmelo Restivo with son Samuel E. Restivo, wife Laura Baglia Restivo, and daughter Mary L. Restivo

Mary Louise Restivo Rizzo with husband Russel Rizzo
@ 1958

Rachela Restivo Gulino (b.1899) Rena Albertini Plante, Arcangela (Angeline) Restivo Auria
Rena is 1st cousins, once removed, to Rachela & Arcangela
Rena's mother is Angelina LoDico Albertini

Standing , from left to right: Rachela (Carrie) Restivo Gulino, Laura (Baglia) Restivo, Arcangela (Angeline) Restivo Auria.
Rachela & Arcangela are sisters. Laura is the wife to their brother Carmelo.
Seated, are two sisters (left, unknown) and Guiliana (Baglia) Restivo: step-mother to Arcangela & Rachela

From the left:  Julia A. (Auria) Gullotti, Carl Auria (1929-2000), with their parents:
Arcangela (Angeline) Restivo Auria and Samuel Auria (1888-1976.)

Carl Auria (1929 -2000)
Carl is the son of Samuel Auria (b.1888) and Ancangela (Angeline) Restivo
First Communion

Mary Louise Restivo Rizzo & her brother  Joseph Restivo
children of Carmelo Restivo & Laura Baglia
@ 1942

Louie Faiella, my father Alfred LoDico, and Carmelo Restivo

Rachela (Carrie) Restivo, my Aunt Angelina LoDico Albertini and Giuseppe (Joe) Gulino
Rachela and Giuseppe are married
Rachela and Angelina are 1st cousins

A Christmas card from the Jamestown NY Restivos
From the left: Laura Restivo Faller, Carla Restivo Ventura, Carl Restivo, Sam Restivo Jr.
The children of Samuel E. Restivo & Mary Ann Albano


From the left: Carl Restivo, Carla Restivo Ventura, Laura Restivo Faller, Sam Restivo Jr., and Mark Faller
The children of Samuel E. Restivo & Mary Ann Albano

Samuel E.  Restivo
Samuel was the son of Carmelo Restivo
from Jamestown NY

1984 visit to Marianopoli, Sicily by Paul Auria (far right)
 On the left is Mr. Bellavia, and between are other Restivo cousins.

December 2009
From the left: - Sammy Gullotti, Seth Bergman, Debra Auria, Paul Auria  (in red sweater) Julia A. Auria Gullotti, Mary Gullotti Bergman
Children below: twins Kelsey & Michael Auria

Sebastian 'Busty' Gullotti
(1925 - 2008)
Sebastian was the husband of Julia A. Auria

Samuel E. Restivo
7/10/1927 - 1/18/2009

I want to thank my cousins Paul Auria & Laura Restivo Faller
for their contributions to this page and for helping me identify many of our common relatives