Alfred Guido LoDico (my Dad) 1943

My Dad 1943

My Dad, stationed in Trinidad 1944

Bill Lindsay and Al 'Bed' LoDico
Radio School - Boston, Mass.

The Salts
Rocks - Bed - Mike - Don

Joseph John (Sonny) LoDico
son of Prospero Giuseppe Moria LoDico
July 1943 Liana Beachhead, Munda
Solomon Islands

Marine Tank Crew
Liana Beachhead, Munda -Solomon Islands
This tank crew, after three days of fighting on the front lines,
is credited with wiping out 30 Japanese pill boxes.
From Left: PFC Arnold McKenzie, 18, Los Angeles, California,
PFC Joseph LoDico, 20, Sharon, Mass.,
Private Noel M. Billups, 21, Columbus, Ohio,
and Staff Sergeant Douglas Ayers, 23, Los Angeles, California

Joseph John (Sonny) LoDico
son of Prospero Giuseppe Moria LoDico

My Dad, Gloucester, Mass. @ 1948

Josephine Mormino (My Mother), Grandma Rose Mormino,
Grandma Francesca Paola LoDico, Alfred G. LoDico (My Dad)
Their wedding August 1949

August 1949
From left: Angelina LoDico Albertini, Jenny LoDico Faiella, Mary LoDico Faiella

August 1949
From left: Mary LoDico Faiella, Jenny LoDico Faiella, Angelina LoDico Albertini
seated: My grandmother Francesca Paola Restivo LoDico

Mom, Grandma LoDico, Dad
Wedding Day 1949

My parents wedding August 28, 1949

August 1949
From left: mary LoDico, Jenny LoDico, Angelina LoDico, Mary Selvaggi, wife of Carmelo LoDico
seated: Francesca Paola LoDico

From left: My mother Josephine Mormino, Mary Selveggi LoDico, Angelina. Jenny and Mary
seated: Francesca LoDico

Josephine, Rose Mormino and Dorothy
My Mother, my grandmother, and my Aunt Dot
August 28, 1949

Jenny, Ma, Dad, Angelina, Mary
Francesca LoDico seated

Mary, Angelina, Dad, Aristodemo Albertini, Jenny Mary and Carmelo (Charlie)
Francesca LoDico

August 28, 1949 -Quincy Mass.

Dot Mormino and my mother
August 1949

My cousin Irma Eusepi
and my Grandmother Francesca Paola LoDico
@ 1948-1949

Elaine LoDico and Edward I. LoDico
@ 1935
Both are children of my Uncle Prospero [Joe] LoDico