Mt Father: Alfred Guido LoDico's Navy Photo

My Dad (far left) Frank Sandonato (center) and Joe Proto (far right)
Oct. 20th, 1946 Sally's Wedding

My Dad, Mom and me -1952

Me and my Dad -1953

Me by the family car -1953

Me in Mansfield, by the car again -1953

Me and 'Cupcake', Christmas 1953

The family at Christmas 1953

My Mom and Dad, Mansfield 1954

Sept 2012 - Switchback Band [L to R] Pike Faiella, Charle Clauss, Anthony Andronico, Joe Foster

September 2012 [L to R] David Andronico, Linda Proto, Bert Cristina, Elizabeth Spadorica Marini,
Dawna Andronico Donaghey, John LoDico, Paula Spadorica Cristina, Maria Andronico Klisiaris

September 2012 [L to R] Top: Anthony Andronico, David Andronico, John LoDico, Paula Cristina, Bert Cristina, Linda Proto
Seated: MaryAnn, Maria Klisiaris, Dawna Donaghey, Charlie Clauss, Sally Faiella Spadorica

Sally & John