Rosario, Sabrina, Gianni and Giuseppina

Maria Santa LoDico

Cousin Gianni and I

Leonardo, Rossella, Franca, Franca's nephew Antonio, and Mariella

Gianni, Giuseppina, Sabrina and Rosario LoDico

Me and Sabrina

In Santa Caterina LoDico for Sabrina's 18th Birthday Party

The North Coast of Sicily near Palermo

In Santa Caterina LoDico -Maria Santa & a cousin

From left to right
Maria Santa, her son Carlo LoDico,  Carlo's wife Daniella and daughter Valeria in back,
Mariella, Rosella, Franca and her son Leonardo LoDico

Rosario's Wall  - made from stones in the garden

A two day job

Removing excess cement

Grouting the side wall

The Finished Wall

Sabrina's 18th Birthday


LoDico cousins celebrating


"Canta & Cantu"
Sicilian for: Sing and Dance



LoDico cousins in Santa Caterina LoDico
June 2009



Looking South toward Cefalu - The Madonie Mountains

Tractor Repair 2009


New blades for reaping clover and hay

Ready for next year's crop