Grazella LoDico, Giuseppe LoDico and me
Petralia Soprana 2007

My brother John
The Grape Harvest in Santa Caterina LoDico

The End of a Long Day in the Fields
Background is Santa Caterina LoDico

My Cousin Diane Vulcan and 6 Lodico girls cousins
Santa Caterina LoDico 2007

Salad Anyone?

Our Hosts Paolo and Maria Cancilleri
Phillip and Paola

Me, Phillip, Maria and Paolo Cancilleri
Petralia Soprana 2007

Maria Santa LoDico

Me during the grape harvest

Paolo & Maria Cancilleri
Parents to my friend Leonardo whose apartment we stayed at in 2007

Me and my friend Phillip Servidori
Petralia Soprana 2007

My cousins Sabrina and Rossella
Festival of Sts. Cosimo & Damiano
September 2007

Santa Caterina LoDico

Leonardo LoDico
Burning the Fields

Paolo, Me, My cousin Diane Vulcan, Phillip, Maria, Paolo's brother Vincenzo and my brother John
In our apartment in Petralia Soprana

Phillip preparing a meal with me watching

Phillip and I

The Three Amigos
In a small park in Petralia Soprana

Phillip and I in a restaurant near Erice, Sicily

Pietro LoDico, Me, Salvatore LoDico
The Grape and Almond Harvest

The Family in Santa Caterina LoDico
(Front)  Me, Franca, Rossella, Maria Santa, Leonardo, Mariella, John
(Back)  Doctor & wife,  Carlo, Phillip, Diane Vulcan