This is the Quincy, Mass. phone book ad  for my grandfather
 Mathew Mormino's coach service
@ 1930's
Mathew Mormino's nickname was 'Chappie'

Aristodemo Albertini
husband of Angelina LoDico
wedding photo

Mathew Mormino & Rose Gentile Mormino
My grandfather and grandmother
The girl is believed to be Rose Marie Comparato, a niece, born 5/25/1913

Mary Mormino
Born: December 3, 1891 in Boston, Mass. and died in Feb. 1980 in Quincy Mass.
Mary was the daughter of Giuseppe Mormino and Domenica Sansone
She was my grandfather Mathew Mormino's sister

Ann Suzette Dalon and son Joey Reynard Dalon
Feb. 24, 1985
Ann's grandmother was Rose Marie Comparato

Rose Marie Comparato @1962
Rose Marie was born May 25, 1913 in Quincy Mass.
She is the daughter of Giuseppe Comparato and Maria Mormino

Ann and her son: Joseph "Joey" Reynard Dalon at 3 months old
Ann Dalon is my 2nd cousin, once removed
My grandfather Mathew Mormino is her great grand uncle

Joseph "Joey" Comparato holding Ann -1960
Joseph was the son of Joseph Comparato (b. 3/4/1912) and Eva E. Martell (b. 11/22/1916)
He was my 2nd cousin

My Grandfather: Mathew Mormino
@ 1940

Joseph Reynard Dalon (18 months old) with his great grandmother - Rose Marie Comparato
The North End, Boston 1985

Rose Marie Comparato and Joseph Reynard Dalon
Boston Commons
Rose Marie is my 1st cousin, once removed.
She and my mother were 1st cousins, growing up in Quincy Mass.

Salvatore Mormino
@ 1918
World War I

Joseph Reynard Dalon and Rose Marie Comparato
1985 - Walking up Salem St., Boston
The Comparatos and Morminos lived at 22 Union Street in the 1920s

My great grandmother Domenica Sansone
born in Termini Imerese, Sicily on 6/10/1859
married my great grandfather Giuseppe Mormino
in Boston on 1/10/1899

Mormino Family
from left to right:
My grandmother Rose Gentile Mormino, in back my mother Josephine, far right: Joe Mormino,
to his right Dorothy Mormino, to her right Christine Mormino,
holding doll: Mary Mormino, to her left: Matthew Mormino


L to R: Donna Comparato Dean, Catherine Dalon Gaffney, Linda Comparato Dukes
seated: Rose Marie Comparato (her 90th birthday 5/23/2003)
Donna & Linda are daughters of Salvatore 'Bob' Comparato
Catherine is daughter to Mary Ann Comparato

Rose Marie Comparato holding Ann Suzette Dalon (3 months old)
(see next photo)

Dorothy Sylvia Mormino (DiCenzo) holding daughter Gail 1953
Dorothy & Rose Marie Comparato are 1st cousins
They look close enough alike to be sisters

Rose Marie Comparato with her great grandson Joseph Reynard Dalon

Graduating Class from U.S. Naval Training
Radio School
November 1943
My father is in the 3rd row up from the bottom, 3rd one in from the left

My father Alfred G. LoDico's Boot Camp
My Father is 3rd row down from the left, 2nd one in
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Boot camp 1943

My father Alfred G. LoDico's Boot Camp
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